Borislav T. Tomašević, M.Sc.Civ.Eng


The Faculty of Civil Engineering of the University of Belgrade, the Structural department, Belgrade, RS
The Central scientific research institute of building constructions (CNIISK)
V.A. Kucherenko's name, Moscow, RF


M.Sc. Structural Civil engineer

Current position:

Sable Trading LLC – founder and managing director

Professional career and references:

The Institute for testing materials of the Republic of Serbia – IMS Institute, Belgrade, RS (Download)

GP "RAD", "RAD – Zavod za projektovanje", "RAD" holding company, Belgrade, RS
Rockler Trading Limited, Limasol, Cyprus
2008 -
Sable Trading LLC

Licences and certificates:

Serbian Chambers of engineers:
Licensed designer (Download), Licensed constructing engineer (Download)
IMS Institute, Belgrade, RS (Download)
CNIISK- V.A. Kucherenko's name, Moscow, RF (Download)
Mosstroylicenzia, Moscow, RF (Download)
Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co., ltd, South Korea (Download)

Participation on FIP Congresses and Conferences

XII FIP Congress, 1994, Washington D.C. USA (Download)
XIII FIP Congress, 1998, Amsterdam, Holland (Download)
Conference on advanced industrialized construction methods and IMS building technology, 1996, Manila, Philippines (Download)